Learn How to Make Your Money Work For You Without Getting a Raise

The path to wealth is paved with knowledge.
Get the path in a simple 7 step formula.

It’s time to start making your money work hard for you.

How would you answer these questions? 

 Are you living week to week and matching your income to your lifestyle?

 Are you earning good money but can’t seem to get ahead financially?

Are you too time poor to get a good financial strategy in place?

Did you say yes to 1 or more? Whether you’re a mum-and-dad investor, a time-poor executive, a beginner or a small business owner... the lessons and coaching you receive in WealthGoal™ have been designed so anyone can break those patterns.


Don't let retirement come knocking when you’re still trying to make moves to get ahead.

WealthGoal™ is a programme designed for those who know knowledge is the key to devising a financial strategy.

It’s a compilation of content and rich resources online and one-on-one coaching that will get your mindset right so you can start making moves sooner.  It will help you analyse and strategise and provide a customised analysis and evaluation of your figures.

Whether it’s creating a strategy to acquire your first investment, or managing your solid portfolio to ensure debt and tax minimisation is working at optimum speed to protect and leverage all assets for better wealth we will get you there sooner.

The WealthGoal™ Trainers have been featured in...


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What our clients are saying

"I’d encourage people to take a look at their options and to see what’s possible because it is actually a lot easier than what you think."

 Brian Giltay

"I have personally known Julio for nearly 7 years, and I have consistently experienced him as a dynamic educator, and a visionary and impactful leader that genuinely reaches people and achieves results."

Ruth Watson

Here's what you get as a member...


Roadmap (valued at $990)

We’ll meet with you one-on-one and will go through your life as it currently stands. We’ll get to the bottom of not only your finances and inefficiencies, we’ll look at your relationship with money, work and life to customise a strategy that’s right for you. Our specialists will create the ultimate roadmap that works with your personality and habits to create a realistic strategy that will build wealth for you and your family.

Debt Reduction & Minimisation Strategies (Valued at $2,490)

You’ll have personal access to top debt consolidation strategies. Believe it or not, but debt can be a tool to help you invest and achieve your wealth goals; if you know what you are doing. Our WealthGoal Debt Reduction process ensures your debt is helping you achieve your goals, faster. 


WealthGoal™ Action (Valued at $880)

With your Preliminary Strategy Report we’ll help you acquire and manage an investment portfolio to build your assets through the JDL Chain Reaction®  Strategy. Whether it’s acquiring your first property, or your twentieth, we’ll customise and align your action plan to your WealthGoal Roadmap to get you there.

Investor Gala (Valued at $2950)

As an important member, you’ll get complimentary tickets to the annual WealthGoal Investor Gala to network alongside some of the country’s leading financial advisors, entrepreneurs, CEOs and fellow JDL Strategies members. Gather with likeminded people, get the latest market updates and hear from industry professionals so you can further your own personal development.


Plus you get access to the Just Do Life Academy (Valued at $1,290)

As a member you’ll get unlimited access to our exclusive Just Do Life Academy; an online education and resource centre which will give you the tools and knowledge you need to be a successful investor so you can do life exactly how you want to.


Inside you will learn from our signature Seven Pillars to Wealth


  • Get your mind ready to welcome wealth, learn how to visualise and get your mindset right for success
  • Learn techniques to control and visualise while removing blockages and any hypnosis that may exist

Work Debt and Tax

  • Learn how to use money to build a lifestyle, not just pay bills
  • Learn how to use tax to drive down debt
  • Paying off a mortgage is not a strategy for wealth; it’s a component. We’ll teach you why and how

Investments and Business

  • Learn how to make money work for you through building assets
  • How to use your salary or business to help grow your money
  • Get the best strategies to grow your assets


  • Leadership can be taught, get the tools and insights into how you can become a better leader
  • We’ll show you when to lead and when not to

Personal Development

  • Know when to invest in yourself and how. Explore the possibilities of ongoing personal development
  • Commit to continuous learning and self-education as your progression to wealth

Fit to Prosper

  • Health and vitality plays a role in life and success, we’ll show you how
  • We’ll look at what success looks like and how your lifestyle changes in terms of being fit to prosper


  • Learn how to build wealth to a point where you can give back
  • Hone your skills to identify your tipping point
  • We’ll explore what leaving a legacy looks like, and how and when it can fit into your greater overall plan

Let's get started...

The Founder and one of your Trainers, Julio De Laffitte, lives & breathes this stuff!

“My ultimate quest is to raise the financial intelligence of everyday Australians.”

Julio is a highly accomplished business man and multi-faceted entrepreneur with an infectious passion for all things wealth, economics and business. Financial intelligence is at the heart and soul of everything Julio does and it’s made him a sought-after commentator and educator around the world.

From addressing the stage at NSW Parliament House to leading 106 entrepreneurs on a 10-day global think-tank in Antarctica, Julio is a dynamic game-changer who seeks to help, inspire and enable those with whom he comes in contact with.

For more than two decades he’s been at the helm of JDL Strategies, a holistic company he created to help transition and guide everyday Australians to invest and create wealth. Over the years, Julio has helped hundreds of Australians become multi-millionaires through JDL Strategies and the wealth systems he’s created.


Here's how WealthGoal™ will help you

Have the know-how but time poor?
Have the time but not the knowledge?
Want to get ahead but not sure where to start?

We’ll do the leg work for you:

Financial Freedom

Get out of debt quickly and easier than you think possible. We’ll show you how to up your lifestyle and down your debt!

Advice & Accountability

We’ll give you both. Advice when you need it, and we’ll help you reach your goals through being accountable to someone.

Investing Know-How

We’ll show you the art of clever investing; tools you’ll have for the rest of your life.

Get Money Back

Learn how to get money back from the ATO and use it to get ahead. There are tips and tricks clever investors use – you’ll learn this too.


The more knowledge you have, the more educated your decisions in life and business will be. Our programme is a wealth of knowledge, all ready for you to consume.

Plan To Do Nothing

Whether you’re a business owner wanting to capitalise on your years of hard work, mum and dad investors wanting to leverage what they have, young couples wanting to set themselves up or an executive with little time – our coaching programme will help you realise financial freedom and an early retirement.

Plus when you sign up now you get these bonuses!


WealthGoal™ Roadmap Review

An additional Roadmap Review is on us. We know that circumstances change, families get bigger and smaller, and so do incomes! Regular assessment is the best way to make sure you’re staying on the right path and as a Premium Member, your first additional Roadmap Review is on us!!


Video Interviews

Julio has access to some of the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs and leaders. Get a front row seat to his personal oncamera interviews and learn from the best.

Here's why we know what we are talking about

Here are the numbers from Julio De Laffitte's companies:


Transactions done under the JDL Strategies brands (properties purchased, financial planning & property management)


Millionaires created using the JDL Integration Strategy


In strategic alliances during the last Unstoppables trip

Ready to sign up?

Here's what you get

$990 or 3 monthly payments of $330

  • Roadmap (valued at $990)
  • Debt Reduction & Minimisation Strategies (Valued at $2,490)
  • WealthGoal™ Action (Valued at $2,490)
  • Investor Gala (Valued at $2950)
  • Just Do Life Academy (Valued at $1,290)
  • BONUS #1: WealthGoal™ Roadmap Review
  • BONUS #2: Expert Video Interviews

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