Fast-Track To Wealth

Learn a proven, real-estate investment strategy that anyone can use to massively drive down debt, retire early, and generate real wealth — regardless of the economy.

Even if you have a family to support, a mortgage to pay, you’re neither rich nor famous (neither are a prerequisite for having a property portfolio), or you’re a little nervous about taking on risk.

If you take ONE thing away from this page, I want it to be that YOU have the ability to make money, build a multi-million dollar property portfolio (seriously), and dramatically drive down your debt NOW.

Wealth generation and real estate investment can be a minefield and seem overwhelming or even out-of-reach, I know.  Especially when your numbers right now are anything BUT great.

But it doesn’t have to be.


As it stands right now, any of the following may be true for you: 

You’re NOT where you want to be financially
— you want to have more money and to secure your family’s future, but you’re struggling to save each month, and you can’t imagine retiring any earlier than 65. 

You’re living paycheque to paycheque
— after the monthly bills and the mortgage goes out, you always seemed to end up right where you started. It’s frustrating. 

You’ve heard that property investment is a smart way forward
, but you’re not sure where to get started. You want to invest your money right, so you reap the rewards and get results — BUT you don’t know how.

And if they are, you’ve landed in the right place.

Hi! And welcome! I’m Julio De Laffitte. Born in Brazil, I came to Australia without speaking a word of English. I’m a self-made millionaire via property investment, founder and CEO of JDL Strategies, and creator of the Wealth Goal membership site.

Today I help everyday Australians who are struggling to save money to become financially savvy, make smart investments, and generate real long-term wealth.

My ultimate quest is to raise the financial intelligence of all Australians, so they can feel empowered around money.

And in this brand-new course, I’m sharing the exact Property Investment Strategies that I used to build my own wealth — and that I personalise for my private clients.


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It’s Time To Invest Cleverly Into Property and Actually Make Your Money Work HARD For You

You might feel stuck spending but never saving, and you’re not alone.

Most people in Australia don’t know how to get rich — beyond “getting a good education” and “getting a good job”.

(Which - no BS - won’t get you as far as you’d think, and certainly won’t get you the lifestyle AND the wealth you want.)

I can tell you that, over my 30+ years in Property Investing and Financial Strategy, I’ve seen nearly ALL my clients start where you are now…


Working long and hard for every dollar they make, accruing debt instead of savings, worrying about being made redundant because they’re reliant on their salary, and wondering how the HELL they’re going to retire by the time they’re 65, let alone earlier.

The good news is:  I’ve helped thousands of those very same people — everyday Australians just like you — to build multi-million dollar property portfolios, and invest their hard-earned money smartly, so they can generate long-term wealth and secure their financial future.

And I’m passionate about sharing the knowledge I shared with them to help YOU do the same.

Consider this future-defining question: 
Are you on the fast-track, slow-track, or no-track to wealth?

Whatever your starting point, I want to put you on the fast-track to wealth.

This is at the heart and soul of everything I do, every course that I create, every client that I take on, and every speaking event that I give.

Australia is the kind of country where ANYONE can accrue wealth with the right strategy.  Trust me, I come from Brazil where it’s MUCH harder to generate wealth — but here it is not just possible, it is EASY when you go about it the right way.

What if you could:

  • Have a passive income stream beyond your 9-5 (or 8-8)…
  • Not be saddled with crippling debt...
  • Feel financially empowered…
  • Build financial health for your whole family, raising money-savvy children…
  • Develop a portfolio of investment properties that work hard for you…
  • Work the system to reduce your debt and gain capital…

My answer? You CAN!! I did! My clients have!

But you can ONLY do this when you educate yourself, take control of your money, break through some old financial conditioning, and put the right investment strategies in place.

And THAT, my friend, is what I am here to share with you.


Fast-Track To Wealth

A ‘watch-now’ training that teaches you our proven Real Estate Investment strategy that will help you to minimise tax, reduce your debt, build a passive income source, and generate REAL wealth.

These are the EXACT strategies I’ve leveraged for 30+ years to create over 2,000 multi-million dollar property investment portfolios for my clients. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to use your superannuation to your advantage and build your property portfolio — allowing you to retire in abundance and travel the world if you like.
  • How to use property as a key to leverage more investments — everyone can do this, and we will show you how.
  • How to pay less tax legally — that means getting ALL your tax back at tax time!
  • How to drive down your debt on the wage you have now — it’s not what you earn, it’s what you do with it!
  • How to create wealth regardless of the economy or income — imagine not worrying about the mortgage or paying bills off!
  • How to retire with a passive income source — and make money while you’re sleeping in!
  • How to strategically shave years and $$ off your mortgage — if you’re not already doing this, you’re getting left WAY behind!!
  • How to make early retirement a reality — you’ve worked long and hard enough. Make a plan to make early retirement a reality.
  • The attitude and approach it takes to acquire wealth and where most people go wrong.

My GOAL is that this training will transform your perspective and dramatically shift the way you think about debt and taxes — as well as change how you go about building and maintaining real wealth FOR THE LONG-TERM.

It’ll give you the fuel and the focus to get started with property investment. 

And, whether you implement EVERYTHING I teach in this training, or just apply some of it, you will still leave better off, better informed, and better established for long-term financial success.

I didn’t expect to learn much from the Fast-Track — I think I know a fair bit about finances. But with just one single strategy I am now going to save $80K and slice 11 years off my current mortgage, which now allows me to purchase my first investment property with a plan in place to get two more!!

I’ve hosted dozens if not hundreds of trainings, and you really never know how that ONE piece of advice can change things for you in a BIG way — and set you on a path to financial freedom.

It’s time to get your money working harder for you, and this strategy and course is at the CORE of how I teach my clients to do that (and how I’ve done it myself)

When you watch it, you’ll get my no BS financial advice at a fraction of what it costs to work with me normally.  To make it clear, a 1:1 session with me usually costs $XXX, and to become a client costs upwards and above of $XXX.


$197 Founders rate of $97 for a limited time only.


As soon as you sign up you’ll get:

Immediate access to ‘watch-now’ video training — and lifetime access, so you can watch it as many times as you would like. 

5 hours of expert content teaching you the foundation of my wealth-generation and real estate investment strategies — with advice you can start implementing today to improve your financial future.

Case studies and examples of this strategy in action, and the results it’s achieved for my clients.

My hope for you is that after watching this training, you will not look at money in the same way again. You will not look at investing in the same way again. And you will have an understanding of what it takes to become financially independent.

Know This

You CAN become financially savvy.

You CAN build wealth for yourself, instead of living pay-cheque to pay-cheque.

You CAN do what is unexpected, not what is expected.

Through educating and implementing our strategies, JDL Strategies has helped thousands of Australians to become millionaires. And we want you to be the next.

Nothing makes me happier than creating financially-empowered families.